Christie webster
Secretary & Treasurer


Christie Webster 1.jpg

Christie does a wonderful job of creating a warm and welcoming environment that is inviting to people stopping into the office or calling on the phone. She supports the overall function and activities of the church and is on the front-lines by often times being the first person the public sees or talks to.  For the church to do ministry in many areas and do it successfully, adequate support and administration is essential and this is where Christie comes in.  

As treasurer she is responsible for a whole host of duties. She disburses all funds received into the church treasury in a responsible and organized manner with funds identified and bills paid when due, so that the mission and ministry of the congregation are supported and strengthened. She manages all tithes and offerings, receipting, banking, accounts payable and financial statements.


Spouse: Keith Webster
Year Married: 1986
Children: Josh & Ashlie
Grandchildren: Kaleb & Maeliee
Year began working at SUCC: 2005
Faith Background: Christian Church