Children's Ministry Check-in/out Instructions

Walk your child to their classroom, locate the check-in station outside of their classroom door. Enter any phone numbers that you provided on your child's registration form to get started.
Follow the on screen directions and when you're finished, name tags and a security tag will print. For children in the nursery through 2s & 3s, please place the name tag on their back side. All other children, place the name tag on their front side. If your child is checking into the nursery, there is an option to print an additional name tag for their diaper bag. Hold on to your security tag, you'll need this tag to pick your child up. 

Give the teacher your security tag (even if the teacher knows who you are) then your child can be released to you. That's it!

Scroll through the images below for step by step instructions on using our check-in system.