South Union Christian Church
Capital Campaign Team


Our team is committed to keeping the congregation informed and updated as we go about this journey together. Team members will make themselves readily available to you for any questions you might have.

John BlackketteR
Campaign Director

John serves as the chairman of the campaign team, providing oversight, direction, and accountability.

Jim Cain 2.jpg

Jim cain
Lead Minister

Jim is the primary communicator to the church through purposeful messages, church events, and meetings.

Anjie Cain 1.jpg

ANJie Cain

Administrative Director

Shirley Gibson.jpg

Shirley Gibson

Prayer Co-Director

Kristy Hays.jpg

Kristy Hayes

Town Hall Director


Eric Gilpin


Larry Green.jpg

Larry Green

Christian Financial Resources Campaign Consultant

Jackie Goss 1.jpg

Jackie Goss

Children’s Director

Pam Bradley.jpg

Pam Bradley

Prayer Co-Director

TJ Lewis 1.jpg

TJ Lewis

Video Director


Adam Goss



Travis Tate

Communication Director

Lynsie Haag.jpg

Lynsie Haag

Special Events Director

Jake Purtlebaugh 1.jpg

Jake Purtlebaugh

Youth Director


Bob White


Campaign Support Provided By:
Christian Financial Resources

Consultant: Larry Green