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bible studies & classes

Grow in your faith by participating in a Bible study or class. We offer many opportunities throughout the year to deepen your knowledge of the Bible and strengthen your walk with Christ. 

If you're visiting a class for the first time, we encourage you to first check with the class leader to verify the time and date, in case of any last minute schedule changes.

Ladies Wednesday morning bible study

Every Wednesday
Leader: Anjie Cain, Director of Women's Ministry

This is an ongoing Bible study throughout the year for ladies that study various topics pertaining to today's women of God. Our purpose is to empower, strengthen, and encourage women to their full potential in God by helping women gain knowledge and understanding of God.

Adult Bible Study

Every Wednesday
Jimmy Cain, Senior Minister

This is an ongoing Bible Study that digs deep into Gods word studying various topics throughout the year. Childcare provided for all ages.

Wednesday harvest kids

Wednesday evenings
1st-6th Grade
Steven Stewart:
Jackie Goss, Director of Children's Ministry

Join us as we learn what God's word teaches us regarding service, the hungry, poor, and spreading the Gospel.  Learn how God instructs us to produce fruit --spiritually AND literally-- and how to be good stewards of His creation!  Through this class YOU will be instrumental in feeding the hungry and poor right here in our community!

Donations are needed:  trowels, shovels, rakes, hoes, tiller, tiller gas, seed trays and cups/small pots (egg cartons?), watering cans, buckets, watering hoses, mulching material (straw, wood ships, pea gravel, grass clippings, etc.), natural fertilizers (manure/compost), weed guard fabric, starter soil mix, old shredded newspapers, garden stakes, cages, garden twine, popsicle sticks, spray bottles, powdered red cayenne, Epsom salts, garden soil tester, monetary donations

sons of Issachar Mens bible study

Thursday's Bi-weekly
Phil McMillen: / 812.863.2320

Men of Christ, do you understand why you believe what you believe? Without an in-dept knowledge of scripture and an understanding of what is happening in the world around us, how can we minister to our families and those around us who are searching? Please join other men of Christ to explore the Christian world view, the relevancy of Old and New Testament Scripture in our lives today and how to intelligently defend the faith. It is EARLY but, the coffee will be HOT! For more information, contact Phil McMillen.


Anytime, anywhere, at your convenience
Jake Purtlebaugh

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