south union christian church
bible studies & classes

Grow in your faith by participating in a Bible study or class. We offer many opportunities throughout the year to deepen your knowledge of the Bible and strengthen your walk with Christ. 

For questions or further information about any of the classes listed below,
call or email the church office.

Second Sunday Studies

9:30 & 11am
Second Sunday of each month
Room 200
Leader: Cory Wiggington

This class will lay a solid foundation for our faith and lead on to Spiritual maturity. We will examine one question each week, giving both a basic and detailed response. Everyone is invited.


Anytime, anywhere, at your convenience
Jake Purtlebaugh

As an member/attendee of our church, you have FREE access to over 15,000 different online Bible-based studies and shows for adults and kids. Learn more, click here.