South Union Christian Church
Capital Campaign

Habbakuk 1:5 ESV

"Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded.
For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told."

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God demonstrates His Wonder every day. We even get a more personal glimpse of His Wonder when we are part of receiving gifts such as the 83 acres our church was recently given. We believe everyone should experience God’s Wonder in their life. Through this building process, we will see the Wonder of God in the generosity of His church and God’s returned generosity to the church. In addition, we will have a facility to provide an opportunity for even more people to experience His Wonder!


Research shows that when a building is 70-80% full, it reaches its “Comfort Capacity” and visitors are unlikely to return. We have been in that range for several years and desire to create a facility that provides more people the chance to experience the Wonder of God. We trust that a new building on our 83 acre parcel on Shaw Road, will allow us to maintain that great rural feel everyone has come to enjoy while continuing to build on our desire to worship God and make disciples who make disciples.


We need more space!

Over the past several years our leadership has been actively pursuing and making adjustments to our current building and planning for the future. They have also been fervently seeking God’s guidance and direction. Towards the end 2018, God gave us an unexpected surprise when our church was gifted 83 acres of land on Shaw Road (only 3 miles away from our current location). From that point on, the leadership decided to start putting plans together for the construction of a new building on our new land.

tentative design and construction plans



The construction of a new 22,800 square-foot building on Shaw Road will seat 583 along with a spacious lobby/gathering area, a secure children’s ministry area (including daycare/preschool), youth building, and administrative offices. The building is designed to easily allow for more expansion in the future, doubling the size and seating capacity.


Campaign Goals

This is an awesome challenge that will undoubtedly stretch our faith, giving us a chance to experience more of God’s Wonder!

As part of our commitment to the South Union ministry in His church, we will ask every family and individual related to South Union to consider making a sacrificial financial commitment over and above their regular giving. This gift will be given over a two-year period of time.


Giving can be done in-person or through our online giving page.


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